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Dimensione Pulito has been an opinion-maker in the professional cleaning market for over twenty years.
First issued in 1991 as an innovative information tool for the entire “clean” productive chain: producers, distributors, clients, cleaning companies – Dimensione Pulito has come to acquire authority over the years as a result of its dedication, experience, expertise, and detailed knowledge of the issues and needs in the sector. Issues and needs for which that Dimensione Pulito has always tried to come up with solutions through prompt specialized communication, constant and constructive dialogue and discussion with all the parties involved.

Dimensione Pulito has actively contributed to the evolution of the market through activities that have become a must for the sector’s companies and ongoing training and updating.
Updating yourself to update others, training yourself to train others has always been the editorial policy pursued.

Twenty years ago, DP was an innovative hardcopy magazine; ten years ago it was a pioneering website that gradually became an authentic portal of cleaning, today Dimensione Pulito is still also an online magazine present in all the most popular social networks that can be downloaded using nearly any electronic device.

The magazine’s hardcopy and virtual versions are interactive and permit detailed investigation of all their content through navigation that becomes wider and wider in closer alignment to real needs.

Dimensione Pulito publications

In both its paper and digital forms, the magazine comes out every month (9 issues a year). Dimensione Pulito specials: in hardcopy and online forms addressed to HO.RE.CA., Public Health Departments, Food Safety and Hygiene, Chain stores, Hotels, Surface Treatment, Construction sites, Environmental services, Green sector companies, and Made in Italy production (in Italian and in English).

Newsletter: in Italian and in English, issued fortnightly, for quick and constantly updated information sent to national and foreign operators.

Cleaning Italia: a paper and online guide in Italian and English to professional cleaning products and services that provides all the references required for the cleaning chain. Updated every year, it offers a glamorous showcase for the leading Italian operators.

Dimensione Pulito International: a paper and digital review that comes out every six months oriented to foreign users of cleaning products and services.

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