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Instagram for brands

Written by Alessandro Rossi on .

instagram apertura

Social media has reached critical mass, but with new channels emerging on the regular, how do brands hit a continuously moving target? The answer is simple: prioritize the channels that are most relevant and most used. Nearly 30 percent of adult Internet users use Instagram, that’s 400 million active users

Instagram hit the 400 million user milestone in September, which just shows to what extent the platform has powered to success in the past five years. Its accomplishments are based on the fact that it offers a fantastic user experience. Consumers love it because it feels real, it’s beautifully simple and is a rich and creative way to tell stories.

Beauty and Economy

Written by Franco Cesaro on .


There is a link between these concepts despite their seemingly different criteria of expression. Both need to be taken into account to make a business “grow”. The title of this article may seem an oxymoron: especially at a time of crisis like now, when there seems to be very little beautiful about the economy. So why speak of beauty?

How well-known is your brand?

Written by Davide Gabrielli on .

Fotolia 62473886 LHaving a name and being well-known as brand is an essential calling card for effective communication, but is not sufficient in itself. You also need coherent image and strategy.

Entrepreneurs often askme for an opinion on their past or present communication. I often need to apply the diplomatic skills atmy command because it is clear tome that these business leaders are unaware of just what they need to

Labor and its reforms

Written by Diego Pastori on .

labor reforms
An element of competitive advantage to keep up with the times.

Reforming the labor market is the subject of heated discussion in Italy and elsewhere in Europe,

Made in Italy always wins

Written by Noemi Boggero on .

made in italy
The Italian companies have an extraordinary ability to be competitive in international markets, thanks to the quality of a highly specialized offer.

Italy is one of the most competitive nations on earth. Strange but true? No, just true. Only 5 countries in the world have a manufacturing trade surplus of more than 100 billion dollars, and Italy is one.

How to overcome customer objections

Written by Jurg Burger on .


Here are a few rules to help ensure smoother sales, aimed at giving the buyer consistently valid reasons for choosing one product rather than another. And so avoid conflicts…

Objections almost always concern a specific aspect of the product. The customer does not reject the product in its entirety; indeed, he may even accept it offers certain advantages.

Italian manufacturing on the winners' stand

Written by Noemi Boggero on .

Fotolia 54491875 S alphaspirit Fotolia.comThe Italian machinery industry is an export champion. With a 53 billion Euro trade surplus in 2012 and an initial estimate of 70 billion in 2013, the Italian mechanical industry ranks third in the world.

One of the locomotives of Made in Italy excellence is the machinery industry, which now proudly occupies 3rd place in international trade balance standings.

Invest in Italy? Yes, we can

Written by Noemi Boggero on .

invest in italy
Prejudices can only be neutralized by facts. An example, Kärcher with total sales of around 2 billion euros in 2013, invests and continues investing in Italy.

One of the most detrimental prejudices for Italy,

Sofidel makes LPC acquisition

Written by Marianna Castelluccio on .

Sofidel, the tissue producer with its headquarters in Italy, has acquired LPC group in the UK which manufacturers household paper and hygiene products.

LPC has 1,120 employees and tissue capacity of almost 190,000 tons.

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