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Air Control S is the product with which ORMA was born and it is still one of its best sellers. This product is an automatic aerosol metered insecticide based on Natural Pyrethrum with very good knock down and repellent effects. Used together with the automatic dispenser eliminates rapidly all the flying insects from any indoor environment up to 50 sqm.


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fly tec

Fly-Tec is the new UV fly trap in the ORMA catalogue. Its compact size, price-quality ratio and design make this trap very good for the use in commercial and public areas. It is available in 2 different versions painted metal (black and white, the available colours) and in stainless steel.


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ExclusiveFragrance e Enzymatic1

This is the revolutionary superconcentrated laundry detergent with enzymatic base produced by Arco. This powerful liquid cleaner with multi-enzymatic system acts on: protein stains (blood, grass), fat stains (oil, lard, sebum) and starchy stains (pasta, potatoes, rice and infants food).


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Gaia by 4 Clean Pro, the compact scrubber dryer and strongly designed because of the steel frame and big wheels of 250mm make this machine able to work on any different kind of floor. A simple concept in order to be used friendly and full accessibilty to the main component for an easy maintenance.

QUICK professional vacuum cleaner

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QUICK 60 is a professional wet & dry vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the Quick Clean system, the filter can be thoroughly cleaned with no need to switch off the appliance. Since the class M filter is located on the head, it does not reduce the tank’s capacity, and allows dust and liquids to be vacuumed with no need to remove the filter itself.

Product code: 1110-1114

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11101114 foto

Made of 100% virgin paper, these rolls have been designed specifically for auto-cut dispensers. Available both with 2 or 3 ply (micro-glued and micro-embossed), this special type of paper is easy to tear from all directions,


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GT5 Slim f2

This innovative system is enriched by the automatic distributors of detergent Gynius GT5, Gynius Box and Gynius Pack, which guarantee a controlled distribution of products. Arco was the first producer in the professional field to develop a marketing plan that included the installation of machineries, such as Gynius

A Motorwheel advanced

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vetrina prodotto MTR11250

The Motorwheel MTR 11 250 by Amer is the most advanced evolution for single wheel traction. Designed for heavy duty conditions, this high performance motorwheel is particularly indicated for traction on man on board machines. Service friendly, extremely robust and noiseless, the MTR11 250 is also available with AC technology

TOR43 orbital single disc machine

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The TOR43 orbital single disc machine uses a high frequency oscillating action to tackle even the most challenging jobs while drastically reducing operator fatigue. The TOR43 is extremely versatile, and is suitable for a wide range of applications in different situations.

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