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The newcomer COMBY 3500 is a complete equipment for any kind of cleaning. This steam generator with vacuum can eliminate in a few seconds the 99% of the bacteria on surfaces, thanks to its steam at 180 °C. The compact body is in stainless steel and the powerful boiler has 8 or 9 bar. You can face long and hard cleaning, since it has an automatic refilling of the boiler and two new functions called “hydrojet” and “detergent”. The new software allows choosing the level of water and/or detergent to spray with steam, according to the surface to clean. Just one machine to clean, disinfect and dry all types of surfaces. You can really change your way of cleaning, making it easier, faster and cheaper with Comby 3500. This is the new power for your business! Comby 3500 is totally Made in Italy.

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