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Spaziotre, a publisher based in Milano, was founded in the ‘70s as an advertising space dealer. Since 1990, it has been dedicating its significant assets and experience in technical printing acquired over the years to publishing specialized magazines, annuaries, and manuals by itself. Ever since its foundation, one of the primary objectives at Spaziotre has been to reach a leading position in technical information in each of its reference markets: building, industrial cleaning, gardening, and cosmetics thanks to the collaboration of renowned professionals and consultants. The objective has been fully accomplished, and Spaziotre is now a point of reference for thousands of professionals.

In addition to releasing publications to the increasing appreciation of our readers, for over 20 years we have been regularly promoting round tables and encounters with producers and distributors; we also organize seminars and specific updating courses addressed to operators in the sector: wood flooring installers, cleaning companies, distributors, garden center owners, etc.
One of our biggest strengths are our annuaries, authentic “yellow pages” directories for the sector: monograph volumes (updated every year) that collect a complete set of useful information that are consulted annually from tradesmen to medium- and large-sized companies.


This monthly deals with the most common problems in the industrial cleaning and environmental sanitizing with its Special issues dedicated to the purchasing world.

Twenty years ago, it was an innovative hardcopy magazine; ten years ago it was a pioneering website that gradually became an authentic portal of cleaning, today it is an online magazine present in all the most popular social networks that can be downloaded using nearly any electronic device.

A paper and online guide to the choice of professional cleaning product and services in Italian and English updated every year that contains all the necessary references in the cleaning chain;

A paper and digital review of technical information addressed to users of professional cleaning products and services in Europe and beyond that comes out twice a year;

A newsletter that comes out every fifteen days in Italian and in English that provides quick and constantly updated information and is sent to national and international operators.

Technical publications that include a 3-volume Training Course that provides precious help to various figures that play a vital role in the professional cleaning world, a manual that offers readers keys to the better understanding of the changes currently unfolding in the cleaning world and suggestions to seize every opportunity.

An annual mapping of the most significant sales outlets on the Italian professional cleaning distribution panorama.


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