A checklist to reduce road risk during work

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This checklist can help increase road safety through interventions on the Man, Vehicle, and Movement components of the “guidance system”

The obligations assumed by every employer include assessing the risks to which employees are subjected and adopting the measures necessary to reduce such risks, in this way allowing personnel to work in conditions of complete safety.


Written by Emanuele Triacca on .


The MICROCLIMATE; essential for a good job.

Working in a healthy environment is such an important topic that the legislations of various countries deals with this subject that introduces a series of measures to establish the characteristics of the workplace that are necessary to protect the health and the safety of workers. Here, we intend to give some indications that may serve as a guide to avoid risk and damage to health.

Occupational health & safety

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Promoting the summit, the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (Eu-Osha).

Because even in difficult times, the safety of workers cannot be compromised and must remain a top priority.

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