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The flying fly service men

Written by Noemi Boggero on .


The Pirellone building in Milano, Italy, was once able to boast that it was the town’s tallest building – and practically its only skyscraper – soaring 127 meters high over “tiny” Velasca Tower crushed by the weight of history and tradition.

Moss and lichen

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How to clean an outdoor floor covered with algae

Outdoor surfaces are the parts most subject to deterioration. You have to learn how to analyze the causes if you want to plan and implement correct and long-lasting maintenance operations.

The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates

Written by Loredana Vitulano on .

dubai mallThe vast floored areas of the Emirate’s’ shopping malls were treated by Klindex machines to withstand - at no expense to their beauty - the comings and goings of thousands of people every day

The largest and most luxurious shopping centers in the world, the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates both chose Klindex as their partner for the polishing and maintenance of their highly refined (and costly) flooring: millions of visitors

A floor with superpowers

Written by Fiamma Meis on .

“iron floor

With over a decade’s experience in industrial construction to its name, Klindex proposes Iron Floor, a floor ready for anythin.

One of the most essential variables in restructuring involves the choice of the materials required

The Concrete Takes a New Form

Written by Redazione on .

The purpose is to transform the ordinary concrete in a floor which is remarkable from an aesthetic and functional point of view. With very interesting results.

The Superconcrete is a method developed by Klindex

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