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EU launches Green Action Plan for SMEs

Written by Redazione on .

green action
European Commission has published its new Green Action Plan for SMEs in a bid to improve resource efficiency among smaller firms.

“Green Action Plan for SMEs:

News from the evolving Green Marketplace

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accelerate growth

The responses of ISSA and Ecoform in an evolving industry

R egarding to the services or products ‘green’ certificates it’s very difficult for the institutional buyers to differentiate between them, since they are more and more complex and it is to select the best answer specific needs.

The Green Cleaning Challenge

Written by Chiara Merlini on .

green cleaning

An interview with Steve Ashkin, one of the world’s leading experts in the professional cleaning “green” for more than twenty years

The Green as a mission: this is Steve Ashkin’s commitment and philosophy, one of the

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