The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates

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dubai mallThe vast floored areas of the Emirate’s’ shopping malls were treated by Klindex machines to withstand - at no expense to their beauty - the comings and goings of thousands of people every day

The largest and most luxurious shopping centers in the world, the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates both chose Klindex as their partner for the polishing and maintenance of their highly refined (and costly) flooring: millions of visitors

admire the perfectly bright and polished surfaces beneath their feet every year that add yet another spectacular element to the surroundings.

The Dubai Mall

The world’s largest shopping center in terms of total leasable surface area, the Dubai Mall is 700 meters long and 600 meters wide, and features around 1200 stores grouped in at least 10 centers inside the complex, which also offers 16 thousand parking slots. All around it stand residential structures, skyscrapers, low-rise buildings, and the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The construction of the surrounding area and the expansion of the Mall is already underway and scheduled for completion by 2015 at a total cost of around 20 billion dollars for the entire investment. The Dubai Mall opened on November 4, 2008. Its approximately 600 sales outlets make it the largest shopping center ever opened on earth in terms of number of sales outlets. Over 60,000 tickets to the Mall’s Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre were sold in the first 5 days of opening alone. The Dubai Mall was visited by over 3 million shoppers in the month of April, 2009 alone, whereas the complex’s attractions are visited by 750,000 visitors every week.


More than 200,000 square meters of flooring in marble, granite, Tecnostone, artificial marble and marble chip were ground, restored, and polished using Klindex machines and products, and continue to be treated with Klindex products and systems every day. Leading companies in the UAE Stone Care sector like Marblelife Gulf and Marble Master Gulf have employed and continue to employ more than 300 specialized technicians and operators to keep all these floors constantly bright and shiny. The largest stone floor grinder/polisher, the Expander 1000 made its own important contribution to the success of the task by enabling the grinding and polishing of these vast areas in extremely short times and obtaining perfectly smooth, glossy surfaces. Without the use of the Expander 1000 and the advanced Klindex diamond grinding and polishing machines it would not have been possible to deliver these perfect, super-bright floors in such short time requested by the highly-demanding client. More than 10 Expander 1000 floor grinders were used for this work, in addition to dozens of smaller Klindex grinding machines, such as the Expander 750, Levighetor Max, and Levighetor 640 models.

Routine maintenance

For routine maintenance and the preservation of the bright polish, innovative surface treatment products like Kristal Blu, Stone Soap, Supershine and powerful, high-performing Kroma Single disk floor care machines have all contributed to keeping these floors constantly smooth and shiny, and will continue to do so in the future, with over 250 Kroma single disk floor care machines being applied to the task every day. Malls in Dubai provide only a few examples of the success achieved by Klindex machines in every corner of the world, from the Far to the Middle East, from the Americas to Australia.

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